The purchase of Brunch – On the Beach festival in Primavera Sound Barcelona tickets implies the acceptance of the following conditions:

1.1 Once the ticket has been bought, it will only be changed or refunded in the case of cancellation. You can exercise the right of refusal during 14 calendar days following the purchase provided you bought the tickets a minimum of 14 calendar days before the event (for online ticket sales only). Change of name and refunds are not accepted except on the cases specified at tickets general conditions (point 1.2).

1.2 In case of cancellation, the purchaser may request reimbursement within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of public communication of the cancellation, in the form specified by the Organizer. In the case of paid tickets for days or for the whole festival, the suspension of more than HALF OF THE PROGRAM will be considered cancellation. The suspension will be given by impossibility of attendance of the artist or artists concerted by the festival. The organisation reserves the right to alter or modify the programme should an artist be unable to perform at the festival for reasons beyond the control of the festival. The festival will look for a replacement.

Bad weather, natural disasters, Spanish airspace closure or any other force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds.

In the case of the return of tickets, we inform you that only the price of the ticket will be refunded, including booking fees. Any travel expenses, accommodation or any other expense incurred related to the show, are solely at your own risk and responsibility, and in no case shall be reimbursed by the ticket seller and/or promotor of the show.

1.3 The Organization does not guarantee ticket authenticity if tickets have not been purchased at official selling points. The festival organization does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets. The holder of the ticket or the person whose name the ticket is in, accepts all responsibility if a photocopied or forged duplicate of the ticket is presented, and therefore loses all the rights provided by the ticket to attend the event in question. Only the first ticket presented and validated by its code will be valid. Any other ticket with the same code presented later will be invalid. Resale of tickets is forbidden.

IMPORTANT: The barcode allows access to the site one time only. It is your responsibility to look after it and to avoid any copies being made of it. Do not publish it on social networks, do not print it in unsafe places and keep it away from third parties.

1.4 If you give data of a third party you are obliged to give and obtain consent for the handling of their personal data, which are subject to our privacy policy outlined in the following clause:

1.5 The ticket-holder recognises that he/she may appear on images taken on the festival site by different media and that these may be used for informative purposes and that he/she authorises such use which will be the responsibility of the media concerned.

The images can appear on Internet meaning that their diffusion may be uncontrolled.

1.6 In the case where images are collected by PRIMAVERA SOUND SL and/or CENTRIS EVENTS SL we inform you that your personal data is included in files under the responsibility of PRIMAVERA SOUND SL and/or CENTRIS EVENTS SL Registration under the age of 14 is forbidden.

COOKIES: by navigating on this web you accept cookies. Check the cookie policy of our web.

When you make the payment your details will automatically be provided to the company that manages payment by credit card and to the bank.

1.7 Possession of a ticket does not grant its holder or third parties the right to use the ticket or its contents for purposes related to advertising, marketing or promotions (including, contests, gifts and/or raffles) associated with the ticket holder or third parties.

These activities will be tracked on Internet in order to establish the relevant responsibility.

1.8 All intellectual property and image rights are reserved. Filming, recording or broadcasting inside the festival venue is not permitted, except by express authorization of Management.

1.9 For any questions or information you can check the festival’s website. For interested parties there are complaint forms available on the festival site.

1.10 The contractual language is the language chosen.

1.11 This document in which you accept the conditions is filed in our system. You have access to your data for one month during which time you can print it and save it in your system.


To access the event your ticket will be exchanged for a bracelet, only one bracelet will be handed out. Under no circumstances may the bracelet be delivered without placing it on the user’s wrist by the organization’s staff.

Only the reading of the ticket and the possession of the wristband correctly placed on your wrist will give you access. If you lose it or it is in bad condition, you will not be able to enter the festival. The bracelet is personal and non-transferable. Keep it in good condition. Consult our website for information on locations and times of exchange.


To get into the site you will have to show your ticket that will be scanned to check it. It will be necessary to have your identity card or passport on you at all times, as it is obligatory to show it before or while picking up and exchanging your tickets, or if required by security staff on the Parc del Fòrum site. In the case of non-Spanish audience, copies of official ID papers from your country will be accepted (ID, passport, driver’s license).

2.2 The Organization may deny entrance to the sites to any ticket holder in the following circumstances:

2.2.1 Tickets are amended, broken or with falsification hints.

2.2.2 The ticket holder is violent or publicly incites hate, violence for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, handicap, sexual orientation, gender or any other social or personal condition or circumstance. Especially any ticket holder who behaves in an aggressive manner or provokes disturbances outside or at the entrance to the festival, one who carries weapons or any object which could be used as one and anyone who wears clothes, objects or symbols that incite violence or defend activities contrary to the fundamental rights stipulated in the Constitution.

2.2.3 The ticket holder is in a state of apparent or potential drugs or narcotics intoxication.

2.2.4 The right of admission will never deny entrance to the ticket holder for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, handicap, sexual orientation, gender or any other social or personal condition or circumstance.

2.2.5 According to current Law, when entering the site, public can be subject of being searched by security staff. Objects considered dangerous or prohibited by current Law are not allowed inside the festival.

For security reasons it will not be permitted to enter the Parc del Fòrum site with motorbike helmets, large suitcases, bags and backpacks. As at previous editions, it will be possible to access the site with smaller backpacks and bags. Other objects that will not be permitted on the site are: bottles, cans, laser pointers, professional photo and video equipment’s, drones and arms of any kind.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to leave large objects and any other objects that are not permitted on the site in your accommodation and to lock your helmets to your vehicle.

2.2.6 Management may deny entrance, or expulse from the venue, any ticket holder who does not comply with the instructions of Organisation personnel, or who might reasonably be presumed to be heading for a high-risk or dangerous situation for the ticket holder himself and/or other attendees, who causes disturbances or for being in a state of apparent or potential intoxication, each ticket holder will personally take responsibility for any actions that might cause injury to third parties or damage to property.




Address: en C/ Roc Boronat, 142 3º planta 08018 Barcelona

Telephone: 34 93 301 00 90 de Lunes a Viernes de 09,00h a 18,00h.

E-mail: info@primaverasound.com

Fax: 34 93 301 06 85

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Primavera_Sound

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/primaverasoundfestivals


4.1 Primavera Sound Barcelona: children of 14 and under can enter the Festival free of charge as long as they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. The under 15s can enter the Festival by buying a ticket and must also be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. The legal guardians must have the papers that identify them as such. People of 16 and 17, who have bought their tickets are considered by the festival organization as adults and do not have to be accompanied.

4.2 During their time at the festival, parents or legal guardians will be responsible for any action carried out by the minor. For this reason it is necessary to present the following papers at the entrance to the site: ID card / Family book / Passport or legal document that accredits their family / guardian relationship or their responsibility for the minor.

4.3 The parents or legal guardians will have to sign a document at the entrance to the venue assuming all responsibility of the minor whilst on the site. As well as the appropriate papers, the parents or guardians will have to have a valid ticket for the festival. You must accompany the minor off the site, they are not permitted to stay on the site unaccompanied.

4.4 At all times parents or legal guardians and the minor will have to carry their ID card / Passport, in case it is required by the personnel of the organization as proof of identity. Foreign nationals will have to provide the corresponding and equivalent documentation from their country of origin. Both the authorization of attendance and the certificate of responsibility may be collected and completed at the entrance of the site.

4.5 The Organization informs that the legislation in force expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors, for this reason every minor will be identified by a bracelet with which they will not be able to buy alcohol. The minors will have to carry their ID and have this wristband visible at all times.

4.6 The lack of compliance with the above requirements, will be cause for expulsion from the venue and will be entitled to any refund of money paid for the ticket of the minor.

4.7 No tickets may be purchased for Primavera Sound Barcelona including bracelets having to be sent to minors. Minors will have to wear a special wristband and the exchange of tickets for these wristbands will only be possible at the Parc del Fòrum. There will be spot ID checks at the entrance to the festival site and on the site and any minor found wearing an adult wristband will be expelled from the site, and will have no right to a refund.


This company has an active conflict resolution policy. We inform you that in accordance with Art. 40 of the Act 7/2017 access to the online litigation resolution platform is available through the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers

However, we will decide, in each case, whether to adopt this system or not, as we consider that conflicts can and must be resolved without resorting to these options, which is why we recommend that before making any complaint you use our customer support service at info@primaverasound.com

Thank you for your understanding.


PRIMAVERA SOUND can cancel or modify any of the previous conditions or report incidents, in which case they have the right to inform the public through whatever channels they consider to be adequate.